Brief Description of Some of our Services:


  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Audit (EA)
  • Laboratory Services
  • Environmental Monitoring Services
  • Field Data Gathering for Co-Consultants
  • Professional Sampling Services
  • Environmental Site Assessment Phase 1, 2 and 3

 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)/Environmental Audit (EA)

 Key EIA Services at Richfllod on EIA include the following;

 Liason with the Federal Ministry of Environment/National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA)/State regulatory agencies, Project Sreening, Scoping, Baseline Data Gathering, Laboratory services for soil, water (influent, effluent, surface and ground water), Social Impact Assessment, Panel Review Meeting, Impact Mitigation Monitoring.

  • Development of plans for monitoring, mitigation and managing the environmental consequences of a new project
  • Lender due diligence
  • Independent verification

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Laboratory Services (Environmental Lab)

Analytical Services

•        Soil Analysis

•        Water Analysis

•        Effluent/Influent Analysis

•        Industrial and Municipal Waste Water (Effluent) Monitoring

•        Water Quality Monitoring

•        Air Quality Monitoring

•        Food Quality Monitoring

•        Corrosion Monitoring

•        Agricultural Soil Monitoring

•        Facility Hygiene Monitoring

Sampling Services

Professional field technicians are available to collect or assist in the collection of all environmental samples. All field personnel have received extensive training. The entire field staff is experienced in the proper collection techniques, sample handling, and decontamination procedures in compliance with Federal regulations. Richflood Lab field services include:

•        Ground Water Sampling

•        Influent and Effluent Sampling

•        Soil Sampling

•        Waste Pile Sampling and Compositing

•        Stream Sampling/Surface Water Sampling

•        Potable Water Sampling

•        Pre-Drill Water Surveys

•        Emissions Monitoring

•        Field Measurements (In-Situ Analysis)

•        Food Sampling

•        E.t.c

Laboratory Equipment Rental Services Available

Richflood Laboratory is pleased to provide our customers with low cost rental equipment for field sampling.

In-Situ Analytical Equipment are available for rental.

Understanding Laboratory Result

Richflood Laboratory staffs are ever glad to assist you with your analytical results. You can get some tips on what to do if your test report indicates a quality problem.

Results can be interpreted if requested by client or send an enquiry mail to  and 

Fellow Environmental Consultants Patronage

We are glad to collaborate with fellow professionals in the field of Environmental Consultancy. We offer cost effective services for site investigations. Our multidisciplinary team will assist you to run your samples in our laboratory, interpret the result and develop your report as may be desired.

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