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26. Dec, 2015

Meeting the highest standards of cleanliness in your facility is our priority at Richflood Janitorial Services (RJS)

Your customers, tenants and employees deserve only the best when they come to your office. RJS is the global leader in the commercial cleaning industry and stops at nothing to deliver unrivaled office cleaning, business cleaning and building maintenance services to the people who matter most in your business.



Options include:

  • Day-to-day cleaning or once a week janitorial service.
  • Disposing all trash.
  • Vacuuming and/or mopping common walkways using rinse free PH neutral cleaner.
  • Sweeping debris.
  • Washing interior windows and glass doors.
  • Cleaning and dusting desktops.
  • Maintaining bathrooms (e.g. disinfecting and polishing toilets, urinals, mirrors and sinks mopping floors, scrubbing the sinks and stalls, replenishing consumables)
  • Cleaning, buffing and maintaining waxed floors.

Studies have shown that office cleanliness plays a vital role in productivity. Office desks contain more than 400 times the amount of germs as a bathroom toilet. These are germs that contribute to workers taking an average of seven sick days per year. That number can be decreased by implementing an office cleaning and janitorial service program that prevents germs from spreading.

Our business is supporting our clients as they achieve the success they deserve, and we know that the first impression of a prospective client is important. Therefore, we want to make sure the lasting impression is made by our client, and not the smudged glass on the door or the mud on the carpet. Here at RJS, we try to stand above other Nigerian office cleaning services by providing  office cleaning that stands above our competition in both quality and customer service. We know that our clients’ successes are the means by which we measure our own and work diligently to exceed your expectations.

Our services extend beyond the routine office cleaning jobs. There are times our clients need more from us, and we are more than willing and able to meet their needs every time. If you need  office cleaning after a renovation, a move, or simply a more thorough office cleaning, RJS Cleaning & Janitorial Services has the staff and equipment to perform any contract cleaning service asked of us.

Our Approach:

  • Green Cleaning Procedure implementation;
  • Effective Quality Control in RJS Cleaning Services;

 Key Services:

  1. Domestic cleaning,
  2. Commercial cleaning,
  3. Carpet cleaning,
  4. Steam carpet cleaning,
  5. Upholstery cleaning,
    Specialties:Regular office/domestic cleaning, steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery steam cleaning

RJS Standards

The RJS standards outlined can be achieved if the following points are considered:

  • Correct selection of the method of cleaning required.
  • Correct selection of the equipment and materials required for cleaning individual surfaces.
  • Ensure that the cleaning is undertaken at the correct time of the day i.e. when there are fewer or no people present.
  • Ensure that the standards are routinely and rigorously checked.

By far the most important consideration, when considering the standards of cleaning required, is the use of the correct cleaning methods incorporating the appropriate items of equipment and machinery.

These will depend on the following:

RJS Customer Requirements

Before any cleaning can be undertaken, customers should have a clear idea of the standards to be achieved in each of the areas cleaned. Armed with this information, cleaning providers can then set about formulating an effective cleaning regime as well as having a good idea of the standards to work to and monitor against.

Building Usage

Different buildings are used for different activities. It is also true that within all buildings, different areas have different uses. The usage of these individual areas will determine the cleaning methods, frequencies and standards required.

Materials and Finishes Used

In all buildings, there are a variety of materials used to manufacture fixtures, furniture and fittings. Also, these surfaces, along with the walls and floors are finished using a wide variety of materials. All of these have different physical and chemical properties and, as such, require the use of a variety of cleaning methods, equipment and materials.

Level of Soiling

Soil enters buildings in a variety of ways. Depending on the building type and surrounding environment, the type and level of soiling will alter between buildings. Again, this will directly influence the nature of the cleaning regime and frequencies required.

Level of Traffic

The amount of people using the building will lead to more soil entering the building and increased wear on the floors in particular. Obviously, this will determine the cleaning agents required and the level and type of floor maintenance procedures required.

Furniture Density

This will directly influence the speed at which the cleaning can be effectively carried out as well as the size and type of machinery and equipment that can be used efficiently.

Building Layout

The design of buildings is a major factor when considering cleaning. For instance, if the entrances are not protected with entrance matting, the level of soil entering the building will increase. Also, if the building has no lifts and steep narrow staircases, it may require RJS to provide additional or specialist equipment on separate floors, increasing your costs as a service provider.

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Other Services:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Audit (EA)
  • Laboratory Services
  • Environmental Monitoring Services
  • Field Data Gathering for Co-Consultants
  • Professional Sampling Services
  • Environmental Site Assessment Phase 1, 2 and 3